Healing Our Divides

Uniting Voices, Bridging Beliefs
- Together in Dialogue and Understanding

It seems we are sick with division. We often find ourselves in echo chambers with people who have the same beliefs. When we venture out, it’s almost impossible to have meaningful conversation. We can end up arguing, convincing no one, or retreating from any discussion about important issues. It happens at Church, in our families and in our communities.

Is there a way to heal this divide? Can we find ways to talk about important issues with others and still be one? Do we have the skills to have loving, meaningful and strong relationships with people, even when we hold different beliefs and opinions? Can we esteem others as ourselves and become one? (see D&C 38: 25, 27)


Healing Our Divides: Answering the Savior's Call to be Peacemakers

Bridges: Ministering to Those
Who Question​

What to do in a FAITH CRISIS

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About the Author

David B. Ostler has experience serving Latter-day Saint members and leaders as a bishop, stake president, and mission president. He has a BUS from the University of Utah and an MBA from Dartmouth College and is now retired from a thirty-year career as a business executive managing domestic and international businesses focused on improving health care. With his wife, they have six wonderful children.

“Being heard is so close to being loved, that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable.”

-David Augsburger